In a place of about 11.000 square meters in the heart of Serres’ Prefecture’s rice-field, it is accommodated the company ANAGENNISIS RICEMILLS Ltd.

The sanitation facilities, the modern mechanical equipment, the selected products of perfect elaboration in combination with the complete and organized feeding of our customers with privately-owned lorries and organized distribution network ,rated our company as an important and one of the best in her kind.

Our company’s target is the covering of all the consumer’s needs with perfect quality’s products.

Also the manpower constitutes for us, the motive power to the effort we make for continuous progress and improvement.

In the framework of our efforts for further improvement of our already successful progress, we have developed our manpower.

A huge part of our day is spent in the place or our business. It is very important to be provided chances for more improvement in the business.

The working place must let the employees contribute to the company’s success, in a pleasant and creative environment. This is the bigger motive for all of us.



The ‘ANAGENNISIS RICEMILLS Ltd.’ was founded in 1990 by Kalaitzidis Dimitrios and Apidopoulos Vasilios having as its first action, the rice elaboration. In 1995, the company becomes Limited Liability Company and spread to the creation of new modern storing accommodations and goes dynamically into the legumes’ section, carrying out imports, supporting in that way the distribution’s range and network. In 2004, the mechanical equipment is renewed having as a target the improvement of our products quality.

In 2006, the investment plan of our company is completed, with the creation of new drying machines and silo but the accretion of modern electronic colordralogers as well.